Gate2Energy is committed to transporting your truckload freight throughout Nigeria, Africa, and the whole world. We have thousands of qualified carriers in our approved contracted fleet who meet our strict guidelines for safety and insurance requirements. Our years of experience in supplying truckload services for our customers enables us to service your transportation needs with the right equipment every time.

Air Transport

In the event of air service, Gate2Energy provides complete door-to-door service. We will schedule the pick-up at your facility, the delivery and loading onto the plane at the airport. Next we will inform you of the flight plan. Then schedule final delivery from the airport to your customer. The air charter services we contract are sure to use the right pieces of equipment at the best cost every time.


We partner with some of the world best logistics agencies to deliver goods to several destinations across the world. Our experience in world class shipping services coupled with our extensive network of partners allows us to deliver at the most competitive prices available in the industry. We also have the capacity to transport just about anything across the worlds oceans.Whether on land or sea,we will deliver your freight safely,timely and within budget. Our team is able to negotiate the best shipping rates and manage all the paper work from customs. We will act on your behalf to ensure smooth and successful delivery of your air,road and sea shipments. For further enquiries, contact us.


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