Health, Safety & Environment

World-class HSE

Gate2Energy's total commitment to upholding industry best practice in all its operations is particularly imperative to its health and safety practices as well as its environmental accomplishments.


The health and wellbeing of our employees is important to our business. Our health standards and procedures are designed to drive continuous development. We take dynamic measures to detect potential debilitating illnesses and provide robust health service access to employees.


Gate2Energy's Corporate Workplace health and safety is a joint skilled effort that promotes safe work practices and ethics to ensure that our strong safety culture is well maintained across all units, to all our workers, partners and service providers.


We work constantly to enhance the HSE performance of all our activities with a goal to reduce our impact on the environment. We achieve this through strong governance structures and collaboration with our industry partners, suppliers, government & non-governmental organizations.

Our environmental standards include a focus on emissions flaring, oil spill, water stewardship and waste management.

Engr (Dr) Kennedy Jideofor Onwuka
Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer

Since 2010, Gate2Energy adopted an integrated HSE management approach to achieve its health, safety and environmental objectives. The approach is backed by an unparalleled commitment to progressively improve performance while also protecting the environment.

HSE Policy

We believe that good Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) performance is an integral part of efficient and profitable business management and Gate2Energy strives to be a leader in health and safety practices and in environmental standards.

Therefore we intend to improve our HSE performance on a continuous basis, and be guided by the following principles:-

There will be Zero Accidents, No Harm to our people and we will do No Damage to the environment.

Provide Safe and Healthy Operations

We will create a working environment where accidents do not occur and in which employees, contractors and the public will not be exposed to health hazards.

Our employees and site contractors will be trained in workplace health and safety, and encouraged to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Progressive Improvement in Our Environmental Performance

We will protect the environment by seeking to minimise the impact of our activities.

We will ensure progressive improvement in the environmental performance of our facilities by reducing emissions, wastes and the use of energy. New facilities and plant will apply the best available pollution control methods that are commercially viable.

Performance measurement

We will measure our HSE performance on a continuing basis against objectives established regularly for Gate2Energy's sites.

We will have due regard for the concerns of employees, contractors, and the public in establishing our HSE standards and performance targets.