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Oil Pollution

From prototyping through delivery, each customer is assigned a dedicated support team to seamlessly move programs through production, you can rely on amwerk as a critical part of your supply chain.

Our Oil Pollution & Cleanup Services is designed to provide toxic hazardous material containment and remedial environmental solutions in high risk contamination sites.


We have the equipment, expertise and knowledge to initiate a quick response and contain oil spillage.

Our preparedness in emergency spill response helps minimize damage to buildings, water bodies and the environment, as a result of hydrocarbons spills.

By containing oil spills at an early stage, we are able to save our clients’ thousands of dollars and reduce the harmful oil pollution impacts to the environment.

We use advanced technology in hazardous waste contamination.

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We use advanced technology in hazardous waste contamination.Our treatment technologies include:

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The success of our Company rests with the marketability of our products and performances. Maintaining and expanding our market is directly dependent on quality and reliability of these products.

These fundamental considerations are also laid down in GATE2ENERGY LIMITED’s philosophy. Our activities focus on our customers. Cooperation in a spirit of trust and confidence includes all members of staff. We are committed to Quality and Safety.

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