Gate2Energy oil tank services use the right products and practices for crude oil tank cleaning to minimize the loss of valuable hydrocarbon fluids. Crude oil muck consists of 67% Oil, 25% Solids, and 8% Water. This sludge collects at the button of oil tanks in refineries and tank farms and causes several issues, including discharge line blockages and reduced storage capacity. Regular oil tank cleaning and sludge removal are necessary to maximize storage capacity and prevent blockages and accelerated corrosion. Each cleaning helps you effectively remove sludge and other oil contaminants, such as:

  • Water
  • Sand and Dirt
  • Salts and Scale
  • Waxes
  • Asphaltene and Inorganic Substances.

This tank farm & refinery tank cleaning procedure helps to recover as much oil as possible without significant solids contamination. The hydrocarbon fluids can then be economically processed as crude unit feed rather than a slop stream, which can be a refinery bottleneck.